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Big boy and little lady: Expedition Greenland

Production year: 2014 | 4x45 | Genres: Lifestyle / Travel, Series
Big boy and little lady
Origin country: Norway
Production company: Plan B AS
Original title: Tjukken og Lillemor
Original language: Norwegian
Formats: HD

The Greenland Expedition is an exiting series that shows the beauty of Greenland, and it shows what you can do if you really set your mind to it.

This is a documentary-series (with four episodes) following the Norwegian tv-host/comedian Truls Svendsen as he is training for and completes a crossing of Greenland. His mentor is the world famous polar expedition and climbing expert Cecilie Skog. The series follows the progress and training during the year before for the big event and of course the expedition. Truls Svendsen, currently weighing in at approx. 120 kg, is not in good shape at the start of training. But he has set himself the goal of crossing Greenland as big Norwegian adventurers like Nansen has done before him. He wants to explore his own limits both physically and mentally.

On the expedition (600 km/27 days) we follow the life of Truls and Cecilie closely. Even though the two of then are good friends there is tension on the ice. An expedition like this gets to the core of who you are as a person. And what Truls does not know is that Cecilie is pregnant. Something she found out a few days before the start.

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