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DAG - season 4

Production year: 2015 | 10*23 | Genres: Fiction, Fiction - News
His philosophy in life is that people should live alone - a view he is more than happy to pass on to his patients!
Origin country: Norway
Production company: Viafilm AS
Original title: DAG - sesong 4
Original language: Norwegian
Formats: HD | 16:9 | M&E

To those few who have dared to really live, death appear less frightening.

If life can be looked upon as a carousel, the three seasons of DAG has given it's main characters the choice to be bystanders who sees the wheel spin along without them, or having them jump on at full speed. In Season four of this dark ridden dramedy series and its take on life with love and angst for humantiy, the characters has been strapped forcefully to the carousell horse with nowhere to escape. Pretty much like life itself forces us to spin until we fall off one by one. This all star nordic cast assembled, throws themselves into this whirlwind of emotions, humor and insanity with their hearts on their sleeves at brute force.

Foto: Ingeborg Klyve

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