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Small Town Love - season 1

Production year: 2015 | 10*23 | Genres: Fiction
Immensely popular Swedish Comedy series
Origin country: Sweden
Production company: BOB Film Sweden AB
Original title: Ack Värmland - sesong 1
Original language: Swedish
Formats: HD | 16:9

Meet Anette, her daughter Fanny, their hopeless boyfriends Ola and Pontus, nail designer Sol-Britt and Annette’s ex-husband Jamie.

The story, set in the small town of Molkom in Värmland, begins when Anette, who has always worked as a dinner lady, is replaced by a coffee machine and is plunged into the tough world of the unemployed. She decides to start a nail salon and hires her daughter as corporate financial manager. Pretty soon, it turns out that both Anette and Fanny are pregnant and that their two deadbeat boyfriends are intending to move into Annette’s tiny townhouse.

First episode: 1.9 million viewers on TV4 Sweden!
21,2 % in ages 12-59
51,9% in ages 15-44

Second episode: 1,76 million viewers
18,6 % in ages 12-59
46,9% in ages 15-44

New season commissioned for 2016!

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