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Ice Warriors

Production year: 2014 | 24*23 | Genres: Reality
Blood, sweat and hockey!
Origin country: Norway
Production company: Salto Film og Fjernsyn AS
Original title: Iskrigerne
Original language: Norwegian
Formats: HD

There’s blood, sweat and hockey aplenty in this entertaining reality series about the human side of professional sports. The action follows Norway’s most successful ice-hockey club — 100-year-old Vålerenga I.F. — through a long and grueling season, both on and off the ice. The cameras have been given unlimited access to the both the professional and private lives of the club’s players, coaches and management.

This series follows Norways most winning icehockey club through a long grueling season both on and off the ice. Vålerenga I.F. is a 100 year old club where tradition and pride are highly valued. The cameras have been given unlimited access to the professional players, coaches and leaderships professional and private lives.

Through the entertaining and actionpacked ten months, we get to follow coach Espen «Shampo» Knutsen and the rest of the colourful cast of characters through ups and downs, and life changing events. They are often called the gladiators of our time. These hockey players are full of pride, tradition and lots of testosteron. They are also extremely open and show the many different sides of being a professional hockey player. We also get to see their life outside hockey, and meet their families and take part in their everyday challenges.

VIF are Norways mostwinning hockey club. Through a whole hockey sesason we follow the headcoach Espen «Shampo» Knutsen. He is a former NHL-player (Mighty Ducks of Anaheim and, Columbus Blue Jackets) that also played for Djurgården, Sweden.

Season 3 commissioned by TV2!

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