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Seaside Hotel - season 2

Production year: 2014 | 7*45 | Genres: Fiction
Drama Series Success from Denmark
Origin country: Denmark
Production company: SF Film Production ApS
Original title: Badehotellet S2
Original language: Danish
Formats: HD | 16:9

A year has passed: it's the summer of 1929. Having spent the winter on improvements, Maid Fie and hotel owner Molly Andersen welcome everyone to another season. The regular hotel guests have checked in to their usual rooms and are all set for a summer holiday in the dunes with their good friends.

Waves of optimism roll across from America, as stocks rise and rise - and the effects can be felt even in little Denmark. Poul Andersen, son of the recently deceased hotel owner, returns from America to claim his inheritance after his father's death. A friendly person by nature, he finds it hard to be reminded of the events that originally caused him to leave and to turn his back on his father. In America, he has worked hard, securing himself a position in the motor car industry. He brings with him tales of a highly favourable stock market, to the inspiration of the hotel guests.

Fie has been in the hotel all winter, helping to get the hotel ready for the new season. Morten, her boyfriend, has been on the run from the police after being fingered by Wholesaler Madsen as the prime suspect in the murder of a guest last summer. Fie is busy trying to get Morten off the hook and is forced to ask Amanda for help. This has great consequences for them both.

Wholesaler Madsen's holiday-home project has been shelved by the council for almost a year, so Madsen has come to the hotel with the intention of finding out who has had the nerve to get in his way. Count Ditmar is Wholesaler Madsen's loyal assistant, and to the Wholesaler's delight his daughter Amanda and the young count have become closer during the winter, though without Amanda having any plans to take it further. Nevertheless, Madsen is still determined to see the two wed, and thus strikes down hard and swift when Amanda meets other young men.

The hotel welcomes some new guests, Max Berggren and Philip Dupont, architect and ad-man, respectively. They work on Madsen's building project and during their stay make the acquaintance of Amanda, who isn't averse to their advances.

Head of Office Aurland's pessimism has preciously found an easy victim in Tobacco Manufacturer Otto Frigh, but the Manufacturer is otherwise preoccupied this summer, as he is in the process of establishing a branch in Aalborg. To the great regret of Mrs Alice, who had been dreaming of a peaceful holiday with the children, Leslie and Bertha, and governess Bertha, of course. The huge responsibility starts to weigh more and more on Frigh, and he begins to lay plans to escape it all.

The Royal Theatre Actor Edward Weyse is divorced for the third time and has passed the winter in a heated romance with Mrs Helene Aurland. Helene, racked by a bad conscience, has now however put an end to the affair. Head of Office Aurland has found a new hobby next to his radio. Armed with canvas, easel and brushes, he tries to capture the threatening skies on the horizon - as Helene fights off Edward's advances, for he can't keep away from her, as they had arranged.

Mrs Fjeldsøs son, Adam, has received a fine scholarship in Uppsala. She has therefore invited her little sister Miss Lydia Vetterstrøm along, who has been designated to serve as her bridge partner and companion. Lydia is a spiritist and can clearly sense that the hotel is haunted by spirits.

The scene is set for a happy summer by the sea. Yet life doesn't always go as planned, least of all in Andersen's Sea Side Hotel.

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