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Truls Mission Hurtigruten

Production year: 2013 | 8*45 | Genres: Lifestyle / Travel, Series
An entertaining an challenging journey along the beautiful Norwegian coast
Origin country: Norway
Production company: Plan B AS
Original title: Truls Oppdrag Hurtigruten
Original language: Norwegian
Formats: HD

In Truls – Mission Hurtigruten the celebrated Norwegian TV personality Truls Svendsen receives a special 40 year anniversary gift from his four best friends: A cruise with the ”Hurtigruten” along the beautiful coast of western and northern Norway – a trip Truls has always wanted to make.

But there is one condition – the four friends will decide all his holiday activities. Because - when it comes to Truls, the usual 40 year old crisis is absent, and instead of getting new experiences, he sinks only deeper and deeper into his comfortably sofa. On this travel Truls is forced to experience new things, and to challenge his fears, both physically and mentally.

Such as:

- Being a lead actor in a historical play in front of a 1500 audience.
- Learning to surf in Hoddevika.
- Cycling a 10 per cent inclining slope for 7 kilometres in beautiful Ersfjord.
- Teach sexual education in fornt of ninth grade school students in Svolvær.
- Climbing the ”Svolværgeita” with considerable fear of heights.
- Learn the traditional “joiking”, 3 hours before performing in front of an audience.
- To babysit 3 children in the age of 2 – 6 for an evening.
- To be a priest at a church service, keeping the ceremony, written only hours before performing it.
- Audition for one of the best football teams in Norway, Rosenborg.
And much more…

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