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Chasing the Worlds largest Number

Production year: 2014 | 1*22 | Genres: Reality
Entertaining science
Origin country: Norway
Production company: Bulldozer Film AS
Original title: Jakten på verdens største tall
Original language: English
Formats: HD | 16:9 | M&E

Ronald Graham is the man behind the largest number ever to be used in a mathematical proof. Graham’s number is so unfathomably huge that it’s difficult to explain how insignificant the universe is in comparison.

This 22-minute arts-meets-science short film is a collaboration between director Christian Holm-Glad and Norwegian mathematician, musician and cult TV show host Dr Jo Røislien. In order to grasp Graham’s number, the viewer is guided on a mental journey via the universe, human cells, travel planning and paradoxes of the infinite. It’s an associative journey, where stimulating the curious mind is just as important as discovering answers.

Chasing the world’s largest number is a 22 minute mathematics short film/documentary, made up of six 3–4 minute episodes.

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