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To the South Pole and Back: Alone and Unaided

Production year: 2013 | 1*52 | Genres: Lifestyle / Travel, Nature
To the South Pole and Back – Alone and Unaided
Origin country: Norway
Production company: NRK Norsk Rikskringkasting AS
Original title: Aleksander Gamme på verdens lengste skitur
Original language: Norwegian
Formats: HD | 16:9

Aleksander Gamme is one of Norway’s most versatile and resourceful adventurers. In this programme he crosses the last remaining Antarctic frontier, making his way to the South Pole and back alone, with no back-up service to help him. By chance, two Australians, Cas and Jones, have embarked on the same journey, so it looks like being a breathtaking race for the honour of being first across the finishing line – until its surprising conclusion.

Aleksander Gamme is probably Norway’s most multifaceted and entertaining adventurer. Over the past decade or so he has made his living from similar unconventional expeditions, travel writing and lecture tours. In this programme we accompany him on a 2,270-kilometre-, 90-day-long solo slog on skis to the South Pole and back. Ahead of him in the icy wilderness lie days and nights of freezing cold, hunger, loneliness and arduous toil. With his philosophical outlook, euphoric moments and wry comments, he puts a bright new face on polar exploration.

Also ready to go were two Australians, Cas and Jones, who were about to set out on the same challenging journey, with the consequence that what was, to begin with, purely a matter of completing the all-round trip, developed into a race to see who came in first.Not surprisingly, the contest was followed with keen interest by Antarctic enthusiasts, but what attracted international attention was the way it ended. After a gruelling 87-day trek, instead of continuing alone and coming first, as he could have done, Aleksander resolved to wait for the two Australians in order that the three of them might complete the journey together. This trip to the South Pole and back has found a place in the Guinness Book of Records as the world’s longest unsupported ski expedition ever.

The programme also affords viewers insights into Aleksander’s earlier achievements, among them a crossing of the Sahara by tandem bike, ascents of Mt Everest (8,850m) and Broad Peak (8,051m), a crossing of the Danakil Desert in Ethiopia, a journey across the Finnmark Plateau in northern Norway and a meander through Las Vegas.

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