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Close to Heaven - season 1

Production year: 2013 | 8*22 | Genres: Fiction
Swedish comedy series
Origin country: Sweden
Production company: TV4 AB
Original title: Halvvägs till himlen - sesong 1
Original language: Swedish
Formats: HD | SD

Young priest Albin Olsson (Johan Glans) returns from Africa to become a vicar in a small parochial church in his home town in southern Sweden. He dreams of reforming the church and returning it to its former role as the centre of the community. But it’s a mission that turns out to be a lot more more difficult than Albin thought it would be. He finds himself struggling with resistant employees and suspicious parishioners — and then there are his own personal issues to confront.

Season 2 produced.

Season 3 commissioned for 2016.

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