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Terror strikes at In Amenas

Production year: 2013 | 1*78 | Genres: Current Affairs
Terror against Norwegian oil companies
Origin country: Norway
Production company: NRK Norsk Rikskringkasting AS
Original title: Terrordøgn i In Almenas
Original language: Norwegian
Formats: HD | 16:9

January 16, 2013 marked the worst terrorist outrage ever perpetrated against Norwegian interests abroad. Statoil, Norway's national oil company, suffered every employer's most dreaded nightmare when some forty terrorists in war-torn Mali set out to destroy the company's gas plant at In Amenas in neighbouring Algeria.

Thirteen Statoil employees were taken hostage, and five Norwegians and 37 other workers on the site were killed in the attack. What actually happened in those dramatic and suspense-filled days? And how did Statoil and the Norwegian government set about rescuing the hostages?

NRK has delved deep into the actions of the principal participants in this horrendous event. Three survivors and their families here provide graphic accounts of their experiences as the drama unfolded. Both Statoil and Norway's Department of Foreign Affairs were placed on an emergency footing.

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