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Mission Northern Norway

Production year: 2012 | 3*45 | Genres: Factual/Doc
"Feelgood-TV! With heart in throat and a twinkle in the eye"
Origin country: Norway
Production company: Flash Studios AS
Original title: Oppdrag Nord-Norge
Original language: Norwegian
Formats: HD | 16:9 | M&E

Join Norway’s best extreme-sports athletes on a trip down the extraordinary and beautiful coast of northern Norway.

For two months, 10 adventurers sail along the coast, seeking out new challenges. The visual experience becomes even more spectacular when risky sports are undertaken against the most beautiful scenery that Norway has to offer. A unique documentary series in which the images are as breathtaking as the stunts are wild and dangerous.

Captain Mads Bækkelund on the boat "Fjord Vision", leads the athletes to new locations offering wild and beautiful scenery! For two months ten adventurers sail along the coast constantly looking for new challenges and experiences. The elements of nature is explored. Both under the water, in the waves, through the powder on the highest peaks and last but not least free fall in the air.

With local produce and self-caught fish several memorable meals are created. Throughout the series we will get close upon the delegates and learn what these people are doing, how they live and what they think. The visual experience become spectacular when risk sports are practiced in the most beautiful scenery Norway has to offer. A unique documentary series where the pictures are breathtaking and the stunts are wild and dangerous.

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