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The Herdal Nymph

Production year: 2012 | 1*40 | Genres: Lifestyle / Travel
A mountain farm in beautiful Norwegian scenery.
Origin country: Norway
Production company: NRK Norsk Rikskringkasting AS
Original title: Herdalshuldra
Original language: Norwegian
Formats: HD | 16:9 | M&E

Deep in the heart of Sunnmøre on Norway's rugged west coast lies the Herdal valley. The spectacular mountain and fjord scenery is so breathtakingly beautiful that the whole region has been designated a UNESCO World Heritage site.

High above the valley lies Herdalssetra, a mountain farm (seter) which has afforded rich pasture for goats for more than three hundred years. In the past, visitors to the farm would have been greeted by typically blonde Norwegian girls colourfully clad in traditional costume, but nowadays the farm is run on more international lines.

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