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Production year: 2012 | 5x45' | Genres: Series
Revealing, shocking, and heartbreaking
Origin country: Denmark
Production company: Dokumentarkompagniet ApS
Original title: De bortførte børn
Original language: Danish
Formats: HD

They say love has no boundaries, but when love across continents goes bad, who will be there to pick up the pieces?

Every year, thousands of children are abducted from their homes and torn from the lives they know.
(180 000 missing children in 2011)
In most cases, the offender is one of their own parents.
(80% of child abductors are one of the parents)

When international love doesn't succeed, the real victim is almost always the child. Ripped away from everything they hold dear, these children face an unfamiliar future, strange surroundings, and thefrightening prospect of never going home.

The awful part: the authorities can do nothing to help.
As a man on an almost personal mission to see these children reunited with their abandoned parents, this host won't give up on the case of these missing children - and finding out what happened to them. Missing follows him as he travels across the world, stopping at nothing to bring child and parent together again.

Revealing, shocking, and heartbreaking, in the first series, 50% of the abducted children were reunited with their families. Ratings were equally impressive: a 100% jump in viewers for the slot. And most importantly, “Missing” sparked a fresh new debate on a delicate and important issue.

Can a TV show make this a better world for more children - or perhaps help prevent devastating child abductions?

Across the black and white lines of the world's borders, Missing tackles the grey issues: family, custody, and what it means to be loved and Missing

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