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The Press - season 3

Production year: 2012 | 6*45 | Genres: Fiction
The third series promises to be even more explosive than the first two.
Origin country: Iceland
Production company: Saga Productions Ltd.
Original title: Pressa sesong 3
Original language: Icelandic
Formats: HD | 16:9 | M&E

Crime is a universal problem and suspense is a universal language. The Press is a unique take on the genre where crimes are solved against the backdrop of the hard hitting world of the yellow press where reputations can be built and ruined with a carefully placed headline. As in the two previous series, criminals meet their match in single mom, Lára, an investigative journalist. Her relentless pursuit for truth and justice sees her solve murders, expose dangerous crime gangs and even bring the dead back to life. Critics agreed that the !rst series of The Press heralded a new era in Icelandic TV. The quality of the writing and the excellent production values were praised and Icelandic TV viewers welcomed this exciting crime drama with open arms. The second series was an even bigger hit and broke rating records for an drama on Channel II. The third series promises to be even more explosive than the first two.

As in the !rst two series the narrative revolves around LÁRA, a single mother in her thirties. After struggling with financial and personal issues and questionable and often dangerous career moves as an investigative journalist it seems Lára has !nally found her footing.

Lára, who emigrated to Canada towards the end of the last series is enjoying life with her !ancee, their young child and Lára’s daughter from a previous relationship, ALDA. After only a few months of the good life Lára chooses to move back to Iceland with her 14 year old daughter to be near and take care of her father who is diagnosed with cancer. Alda returns to her old school and Lára starts working for her old employers at The Post as a journalist.

It doesn’t take long for Lára to get involved in a mysterious new case. A Philippine woman dies in an arson attack at a restaurant. Ties to an anti-immigrant group soon emerge. At home Lára has to deal with her daughter who, through ISAK her new boyfriend, has gotten involved with some bad company.

The pace picks up as a bomb explodes outside a school for immigrants and the group responsible declares war against non-Icelanders. The unrest escalates and before long Lára !nds herself investigating the murder of an immigrant shop-owner. As she gets closer to the truth she has to deal with her daughter’s rebellious behavior, her father’s illness, press deadlines and a tough editor in need of a scoop.

After Alda comes to her senses and convinces Isak to turn his back on his lifestyle it looks as if Lára can stop worrying about her daughter. But the past soon catches up with him and with nothing to lose but a life, hardly worth living, Isak and his brother seize an apartment building and hold its inhabitants hostage. Armed and !ring wildly from the building the police struggle to deal with a situation usually preserved for crime dramas on their TV screens.

Lára misses her father’s funeral and puts herself in grave danger as she desperately tries to save her daughters life hoping her actions don’t lead to headline news and an obituary.

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