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The Green Planet

Production year: 2013 | 3*52 | Genres: Factual/Doc
Learning from the past, caring for the future
Origin country: Sweden
Production company: Sebra Film AB
Original title: The Green Planet
Original language: English
Formats: HD | 16:9 | M&E

For millions of years, human beings, the most advanced and intelligent species on the planet, have been exploiting its resources for their own ends.

We have fished the oceans, planted our crops, managed the forests and reared animals as a source of food. We have built great cities, devised transport systems, and ever more sophisticated means of communication.

We did all these things in order to secure a better future, not a worse one. But now, at the beginning of the Twenty First Century, we are suddenly confronted by dire warnings, from scientists that the very future of our planet is under threat. WHY now, after all these millions of years?

The danger from global warming, not only drowning islands, but also huge densely populated areas are enormous. Deforestation will lead to climate changes.

In the series, we will look at efforts so far made by the nation states of the world to confront the problems that face us all, and come up with solutions. We will endeavour to assess what that future world might be like.

Episode 1: Forest in Peril 
How much time do we have left to find permanent solutions to the problems this world faces: rising ocean-levels, rising populations, rising levels of CO2, rising temperatures? 
And all shortly to be followed by shortages: a shortage of food, a shortage of fresh water, and above all perhaps, a shortage of space for all the species on our planet to live side by side in peace and harmony.

Episode 2: Striking the right balance
The crisis of our planet has been coming for a very long time. The diversity of life and the infinite variety of species on our planet are threatened by the growing numbers of people and the numerous forms of human activity.  Will the human race ever address the issues with one voice? We listen to some of the voices that are addressing them, voices of involved people and professionals who are reaching for an answer. 

Episode 3: Road to recovery
The Easter Island in the South Pacific was turned from a paradise to a barren, windswept wasteland. Then, the decision was taken to bring the forest back. This is a micro-scale achievement, but there are many similarities in the world today. In China great efforts are taking place to change the direction and making our planet greener place to live on. Namibia is the one and only nation in the worlds which has declared a green future in its constitution. The challenge for the whole world is to achieve the same thing: The restoration of The Green Planet.

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