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Dance Beyond Borders

Production year: 2012 | 1 x 52 | Genres: Lifestyle / Travel
Exploring gravity and extending human nature
Origin country: Norway
Production company: Globus Media AS
Original title: Frikar
Original language: Norwegian
Formats: HD | 16:9 | M&E

Hallgrim Hansegård is a pioneering dancer, philosopher and scholar. His roots are from the Norwegian countryside – and the traditional and physically demanding Hallingdans is his hailmark - but the whole world is his arena.

In search for connections between Norwegian folk dance and other forms of movement arts from around the world, Hallgrim travels alone to a Kung Fu temple in the Wudang Mountains of China. In this remote mountain region he cannot rely on words, for the Chinese Kung Fu monks know of no other language than Chinese. Isolated and deprived of the possibility of verbal communication, Hallgrim is must resort to other, more physical forms of expression to communicate.

In Wudang, Hallgrim becomes acquainted with the Kung Fu master Chen Shifu. Hallgrim succeeds in convincing him to participate in an unusual project; he wants to bring together four Kung Fu practitioners from China and four Halling dancers from Norway, who – without the benefit of a common language – will produce a dance performance. Hallgrim wants to explore how much one can achieve with the aid of dance and movement as the only form of communication. Hallgrim seeks a common human truth across cultural barriers, thereby including everyone in his artistic vision. Will he succeed in uniting an ancient Chinese martial art form with traditional Norwegian folk dance in a groundbreaking dance performance?

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