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The Snowball War

Production year: 2011 | 1x56' or 8x39' | Genres: Lifestyle / Travel
Origin country: Norway
Production company: f(x) produksjoner AS
Original title: Snøballkrigen
Original language: Norwegian
Formats: HD

The small town of Vardoe is located on an island high up in arctic Norway. The Barents Sea surrounding the island is abundant with fish. But no fisheries exists in Vardoe and many of the houses stand empty. The inhabitants are declaring Snow Ball War to survive. In this unique and entertaining 8 episode documentary series the TV explores why the people of Vardoe still want to live in the arctic, between blizzards and northern lights in the extreme darkness of winter.

The tiny town of Vardoe has lost half of it's population the last 10 years and unemployment is widespread. The young "Matt Dillon lookalike" Dani is unemployed and lives a poor life like a rebel without a cause. The plumber Mr Thor Valter also has to take on the job as the town's undetaker to make ends meet. Ms Anita Remme want to arrange a Great Snowball Fight Festival to create some optimism for the people left in Vardoe, to give them a reason to stay.

This entertaining documentary portrays the exiting life of the people of Vardoe and why they want to live up north in the extreme but beutiful arctic Norway while most of their young ones are leaving for the cities of the south. The documentary describes an alternative story of the successful Norwegian welfare state. The death of the Norwegian district areas is the painful result of increasing competition in a globalized world.

The 56 minute documentary is an exstract of the successful award winning 8x39 min series which became a huge success when broadcast on Norway's premier NRK1 network in 2011. Formatted as a high quality drama series it outperformed the compeeting TV2 channels wellknown series Grey's Anatomy in the 9.30 pm primetime slot.

The Snow Ball War series won Prix Europa 2011 in Berlin for Best Television Documentary in Europe. It was also awarded three of the Norwegian National TV Awards “Gullruten” for Best Docusoap, Best Directing and Best photo 2011.

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