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History of the German Air Force 1914-1945

Production year: 2002 | 1x75' | Genres: History
History of the German Air Force 1914-1945
Origin country: Germany
Production company: Polar Film + Medien GmbH
Original title: Die Geschichte der Deutchen Luftwaffe 1914-1945
Original language: English
Formats: HD

No sooner the first aircraft rose into the sky, the military took hold of the new invention. As far back as World War 1 daredevil pilots engaged into the fighting and aces like Manfred von Richtofen or Ernst Udet became admired heroes. Practically disbanded due to the Versailles Treaty, the German Air Force developed in hiding. After having been "service-tested" in the Spanish Cicil War, Hitler built her up with vigor to a powerful military machine, which made possible the "blitz" victories ine the first year of the war. To counter the rising allied airpower, german engineers took the first jet aircraft and rockets. Revolutionary innovations as they were, too late to hinder the military collapse. In depth and by partly never before seen takings in colour as well as black and white, this film shows the development of the german Air Force in the years 1914 until 1945.

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