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History of the German Navy 1914-1945

Production year: 2003 | 1x80' | Genres: History
History of the German Navy 1914-1945
Origin country: Germany
Production company: Polar Film + Medien GmbH
Original title: Die Geschichte der Deutchen Kriegsmarine 1914-1945
Original language: English
Formats: SD

The German Navy took part in operations on all the world`s oceans. Created in the twenties out of nothing, according to Hitler`s ambitious plans sent into naval war against the Allies, she succumbed to an overwhelming force at the end of World War 2. More than 120.000 sailors and soldiers of the "Kriegsmarine" did not return home, amongst them more than 30.000 submarine-sailors. Film- takings in colour plus black and white, never seen before, the development of the German Navy during the years 1914-1945 is shown in detail for the first time.

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