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Peenemünde: Hitler`s secret Weapons Factory

Production year: 2002 | 1 x 70' | Genres: Factual/Doc
Peenemünde: Hitler`s secret Weapons Factory
Origin country: Germany
Production company: Polar Film + Medien GmbH
Original title: Peenemünde: Hitlers geheime Waffenschmiede
Original language: English
Formats: SD

The landing on the moon of Apollo 11, July 1969, was one of man`s greatest achievements. It`s roots lie in a small German fishing -village at the northern coast of Usedom island, named Peenemûnde. Here, unknown from the public, was built Hitler`s secret weapons - shop, which is thought to be the cradle of space - flight, the myth of which woven closely with death and destruction. Here, on October 3, 1942, for the first time successfully, a rocket model "Aggregat 4" took off, later dubbed by nazi propaganda V 2, "Vergeltungswaffe 2", retaliation weapon 2. This rocket flew the distance of 147 kilometers and reached, as the first vehicle built by man, the borders of space. Impressing takes and fascinating interviews with witnesses show the construction development at Peenemûnde, and the life of men and women of the entourage of Wernher von Braum and Walter Dornberger. How the Allies did get wise on that modern rocket technology? Which influence had Hitler and Himmler on Peenemûnde? Which secret projects were und

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