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Production year: 2011 | 24*9 or 8*26 | Genres: Fiction
Origin country: Denmark
Production company: Bald Film
Original title: H*A*S*H
Original language: Danish
Formats: SD

The Indie satire TV-series H*A*S*H is targeted an audience from the age of 15 and and up. Over 24 episodes, we follow a small group of soldiers stationed far, far out on the country in an unnamed country. The soldiers have as their mission to fight for Democracy, Freedom of Speech, and Law and Order. Problem is, that those they have been sent out to fight are not to be found, and the only problems they have are the ones created by them selves.

The series is written and based on extensive research of real occurring events from Iraq, Afghanistan and the Balkans. Each part is based on real events. Friendly Fire, Corruption, Media coverage of the War, Torture, Women in the Army, Roadside Bombs, Homesickness etc.

The H*A*S*H Universe presently consists of 24 x 9”-10”/ 8 x 26” TV-series and 13 music videos, 3 behind the movie, soundtrack and a well developed and tested website with amongst others the above named parts, in addition to this also shooter game, war quiz, wallpaper, Facebook- and cell phone applications and lots more.

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