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Black Angels

Production year: 2008 | 6*45 | Genres: Fiction
Origin country: Iceland
Production company: Saga Productions Ltd.
Original title: Svartir Englar
Original language: Icelandic
Formats: HD | 16:9

Set in modern Reykjavík the action centres on a team of four police detectives struggling to solve a series of ever-more severe crimes linked with international crime organisations. In addition to investigating two major crimes, the team is battles with interpersonal problems and love affairs. A second season of Black Angels is in development.

Produced and aired in 2008. The script is based on a best-selling series of novels by Ævar Orn Josepsson published in Germany, Sweden, Denmark and Holland. Ævar has been nominated for the Glass Key (Nordic Crime Novel Awards) three times, his first nomination for one of the books adapted for this series. The show is the one of the highest rated Icelandic drama to date, with a consistent 58 - 67% share.

The story takes place in modern day Reykjavik. The four main characters are all police detectives of various ages and different backgrounds. The oldest member of the team reminisces about “the good old days” certain that the whole country is spiraling out of control while the younger members of the team take a more modern approach to their work which now involves dealing with international crime organizations and white collar crime.

This six part series deals with two major crimes with an over-arching storyline. The first crime sees the team deal with what at first seems like an apparent suicide jumper from a high-rise apartment building. When blood is found in the jumper’s apartment suspisions are aroused and later confirmed as the victim is found to have connections with the underworld. When his best friend and business partner is discovered dead as well things take an interesting twist and the team has to deal with an ever increasing number of suspects. Just as our team of four cracks the crime, a new murder mystery presents itself.

The latter case deals sees the team working on a missing person’s case. Surprised by the urgency of their superiors the team soon finds out that the missing woman, a system analyst for a big Icelandic corporation has been working for the government in creating software to track terrorist activities online. When the woman is found dead all hell breaks lose and worries about her missing laptop seems to overshadow her colleagues sorrow for her death. All is not as it seems and after tracking the woman’s dealings all the way to the Pentagon the killer is found much closer to home than anybody expected.

Another series and a TV feature based on Josepsson’s popular books are currently in development.

Sigurjón Kjartansson: Iceland’s most prolific and popular writer for TV. Sigurjón has had a major writing credit for the majority of Icelandic TV series produced in the last few years, including Astridur, Réttur and Black Angels, all produced by Sagafilm.
Oskar Jonasson: Co-writer and director. See more info below.

Oskar Jonasson: This award winning director has 3 successful feature films under his belt as well as numerous directing credits for TV shows including Hlemma Video and The Girls, Iceland longest running sketch show. His latest feature film, Reykjavik - Rotterdam is currently being developed for a remake in Hollywood, starring Mark Wahlberg.

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