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Coasts of Denmark

Production year: 2011 | 8*60 | Genres: Lifestyle / Travel
Danmark Kyst til Kyst
Origin country: Denmark
Production company: Content Power House TV ApS
Original title: Danmark Kyst til Kyst
Original language: Danish
Formats: HD

Join us on a fantastic journey along the Danish coastline and into the way it has shaped Denmark and its people. Denmark has one of the world’s longest coastlines compared to the square miles of the country.

Furthermore Danes never have more than 50 kilometers to the ocean no matter where in the country they live. Five expert presenters explore the landscapes above and below sea level and unearth secrets and facts never revealed before, conducting experiments on site. ‘Coasts’ are filled with stories on history, geography, archaeology, culture and marine biology, and always centered around a vivid, local storyteller. All shows feature new beautiful aerials and stunning underwater photography in full HD.

The first season opened with a sensational 41, 8% share, and the show has kept above 30% for the whole summer, rating between 500.000 and 700.000 viewers. Most viewers watching 1 episode have reoccurred more than twice. Audience rated 4 out of 5, with teenagers rating 3, 8. Similar shows in the UK have been rated very well and now run on 6th season. The show has just been recomissioned for a 2nd season in Denmark in 2012.

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