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The Press - season 2

Production year: 2011 | 6*45 | Genres: Fiction
Origin country: Iceland
Production company: Saga Productions Ltd.
Original title: Pressa 2
Original language: Icelandic
Formats: HD | 16:9

This is the second season of The Press, followed by a very successful first series. The drama is driven forward by the fast paced happenings at a tabloid newspaper where people’s reputations are built and ruined in the space of a carefully placed headline. This second series promises to be even more explosive than the first.

As in the first series the narrative revolves around Lára, a single mother in her thirties. We find her struggling with financial and personal issues as she decides not to move abroad with the father of her new-born child. Lara instead tries to save her fledling career as an investigative journalist at tabloid newspaper. With two kids, no job and in deep debt the outlook is bleak.

A solution to her problems presents itself in the form of a handsome, notorious, businessman accused of the murder of a young woman. Aware of Lára’s intuitive skills as an investigator he hires her to prove his innocence. This sets off a series of events that sees Lára redeem herself in the face of extreme danger involving organized crime, murder, drug tafficking, kidnapping and death threats against her own children.

Each 45 minute episode provides individual story lines. The over-arching storyline is played out in three distinct parts that play out over two episodes at a time, tying up all lose ends in an explosive final episode that will have people at the edge of their seats.

The show focuses on presenting a modern Icelandic reality with credible story lines and personal narratives. Shot on handheld cameras, the series exudes a sense of intimacy, inviting the viewer to be part of the world that has been created to tell a compelling story.

The series is created by Óskar Jónasson and Sigurjón Kjartansson. The former an award winning director and the latter the most prolific and popular writer and developer of TV series in Iceland.

Sigurjón Kjartansson: Iceland’s most proli!c and popular writer for TV. Sigurjón has had a major writing credit for the majority of Icelandic TV series produced in the last few years, including Astridur, Réttur and Black Angels, all produced by Sagafilm.

J. Ævar Grímsson: A remarkable upcoming author who’s written for the most successful TV series in Iceland (Day, Night and Prison Shifts series) as well as the widely popular Astrópía, a feature film released in 2006. His latest achievement is a major writing credit for Bjarnfredarson, one of the most successful Icelandic films ever made.

Oskar Jonasson: This award winning director has 3 successful feature films under his belt as well as numerous directing credits for TV shows including The Girls, Iceland longest running sketch show. His latest feature film, Reykjavik - Rotterdam is currently being developed for a remake in Hollywood, starring Mark Wahlberg.

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