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Tuva from Tarva

Production year: 2011 | 12x13' | Genres: Children
Living on a small Norwegian island
Origin country: Norway
Production company: TMM Produksjon AS
Original title: Tuva fra Tarva
Original language: Norwegian
Formats: HD | M&E

Seven-year-old Tuva and her mother are leaving city life to move to Tarva, a small island off Norway's west coast. Tuva’s new world has a population of only 16, but offers an abundance of fun, exciting experiences and new-found knowledge in the months to come ...

Tuva is a tough little girl, bright and eager to learn, but she has no idea of what life on a small island can be like. It does not take her long to discover that it offers both opportunities and challenges.

She soon becomes one of the only family on the island who have children, and settles into life on the farm where she plays with Ramona. There is always plenty going on on the farm, the surroundings countryside and the sea and foreshore.

The various episodes revolve around activities and happenings linked to nature, the sea, farming and children in process of growing up. Their activities will follow such seasonal pursuits as collecting gulls' eggs, fishing for crabs, bringing in the sheep, burning the heather, lambing and growing grass, potatoes and other vegetables for animal feed.

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