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DAG - season 2

Production year: 2011 | 10*23 | Genres: Fiction
Even cynics have a heart
Origin country: Norway
Production company: Kamerakameratene AS
Original title: DAG
Original language: Norwegian
Formats: HD | 16:9 | M&E

Mankind`s worst enemy is itself and nothing is more damaging than an intelligent, honest man with self insight, great taste for music and the desire for quart of hard liquor. The marriage counselor that believes everyone should live alone has reluctantly unlocked his door again. This time enlisting some of Scandinavians leading actors.

Dag Refsnes is back in his second Season on TV2. This time in a terrible stage after being on a heavy drinking binge and facing deep dark thoughts.

Saved by Benedict Dag enters a rehab facility run by Ernst – Benedicts stepfather who has a very different angle of how to deal with all kinds of substance abuse. Benedict – a notorious womenizer continues on his path of restless sleeping around – but faces a reality check when his young son enters the hospital and realizes he must live up to being a father – for a while.

Dag realizes that Eva is his love and is determined to try to find a way living in a partnership – only to find out that family life carries some old baggage as well. Eva head of the season looking for her sons father in Goa – to discover through a DNA test an unlikely revelation of who the father is. Determined to finally grow up she decided to try to move in with Dag.

Famed Norwegian stand up comedy act Atle Antonsen head an all star Scandinavian cast including Tuva Novotny ( Smala Susie & Eat Prey Love ), Rolf Lassgård ( Jegerne & Wallander) Iben Hjejle (High Fidelity & Klovn), Anders Baasmo Christiansen ( Arn & KonTiki) and Agnes Kittelsen (Max Manus & Kon Tiki).

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