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Special Airborne Unit

Production year: 2011 | 12*43 | Genres: Lifestyle / Travel
Heroes of the sky!
Origin country: Sweden
Production company: TV4 AB
Original title: 112 på Liv og Død - Luftens Hjältar
Original language: Swedish
Formats: SD

From Swedish production giants Titan, here comes another thrilling series in the “Special – Unit” genre. Now, the rescue personnel are airborne!

Winter in northern Sweden entails the country's most extreme working conditions with temperatures as low as 35 degrees below zero. The vast stretches of inhospitable terrain and sparsely inhabited areas makes the emergency medical services in northern Sweden the country's most challenging.

When help is several hours away, the emergency medical services must take to the sky.

In "Special Airborne Unit "we follow the staff at the ambulance helicopters in Östersund and Lycksele and the ambulance planes in Umeå. They travel hundreds of miles (/thousands of kilometers) daily to assist people in urgent need of medical care.
The tremendous distances and hard weather conditions make the airborne ambulances a must for the people to have a chance of surviving when misfortune has struck.

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