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Special Police unit

Production year: 2011 | 12*43 | Genres: Lifestyle / Travel
We follow the life of ten police officers working at the Västerås, Sala and Kristianstad Police Stations.
Origin country: Sweden
Production company: TV4 AB
Original title: 112 - Polisen
Original language: Swedish
Formats: SD

We meet ten police officers working at the Västerås, Sala and Kristianstad Police Stations in Sweden. Join us we follow some of Sweden’s best police officers up close.

Episode 101
In Västerås, Elin and Åsa get called to an inner city apartment house where terrified neighbors have reported of an ongoing gunfire. Meanwhile, their colleague Antonio sets out to arrest a man who is wanted and potentially dangerous. In Sala, Kaj is presented with an unusual case: a man who lives in a remote hut deep in the woods is reported to be suicidal.

Episode 102
Rolf and Lisa in Kristianstad rush out when a young girl has laid down on the train tracks. In Västerås, Åsa works the night shift on her birthday and has to take care of a mentally ill intoxicated man who makes trouble outside of a bar. Elin catches a man in the act as he destroys a display window.

Episode 103
In Västerås Charlotte, who is trained to work with dogs, assists in a rescue operation at the scene of a kidnapping. Antonio pulls over a car that is suspected to have been stolen. A supposedly intoxicated driver turns out to have a different explanation when Åsa pulls him over in central Västerås.

Episode 104
The annual homecoming party, and the drunkenness and fighting that comes with it, makes the night shift in Sala busy for Kai. In Västerås, Elin receives a call from parents who are worried about their drug using daughter. An intoxicated woman at a bar suddenly becomes aggressive and Åsa has to take her to the station. In Kristianstad, Rolf has trouble with Bandidos-members who are suspected for drug crimes.

Episode 105
In Västerås Åsa gets an alarm call about a young girl who is feared to have been raped. Elin patrols out on town as she encounters an intoxicated young man in peculiar clothes. Kristianstad police officers Lisa and Rolf follow up a case regarding gang-members suspected for drug crimes. They decide to make a raid.

Episode 106
The cold weather in Kristianstad is worrying when Rolf and Lisa search for a depressed girl who has disappeared from a party. Elin and Åsa of the Västerås police department try to put a stop to an ongoing fight outside a liquor store. Kristianstad police officers Anders, Johan and Fredric have a busy night around the town bars.

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