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Mari Boine: Global Nomad

Production year: 2010 | 1*48 | Genres: Lifestyle / Travel, Music
Mari Boine: Global Nomad
Origin country: Norway
Production company: NRK Norsk Rikskringkasting AS
Original title: Mari Boine - verdensnomaden
Original language: Norwegian
Formats: HD | I sound

In this highly personal documentary we accompany the renowned Sami singer Mari Boine on tour in Europe, to Africa and to her home in Norway.

Mari Boine has been appearing on the world's stages for more than 25 years. She has evolved her own distinctive style of music, one that captivates audiences all over the globe - despite the fact that she sings in what is, to them, a foreign and unintelligible language. Giving as she does more than a hundred concerts a year, she leads a demanding and exhausting life. She claims, however, that this is the source of the energy she needs to give her all on stage.

Mari is a modern, urbane Sami woman whose life is one long round of big-city bustle, travel and concerts, but who always longs to be back amid the silence and unspoiled nature of her native
Samiland in the far north of Norway.

In this highly personal documentary we accompany her on tour in Europe, to Africa and to her home in Norway. She tells of how, early in the 1980s, she encountered massive resistance from both her family and many of her fellow Samis, who were opposed to her kind of music. Feeling unable to settle down and set up a home of her own, she has come to realize that the stages of the world are her home. Her inspiration derives from her constant travels, as does the strength she requires to continue to perform year after year. She says that, for her, a stage is like a mountain top on which there is room for her and her feet alone. When a concert begins, she throws herself into it body and soul, and audiences everywhere take her to their hearts. She feels, she says, like an Arctic tern, a migrant forever in quest of light and warmth.

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