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Dare to Voyage

Production year: 2010 | 1x52' | Genres: Lifestyle / Travel
Crossing the North Atlantic with a stone age sailboat
Origin country: Germany
Production company: FABINET Ross Shakin & Ralf Becher GbR
Original title: Dare to Voyage
Original language: English
Formats: HD

With Thor Heyerdahl as inspiration, Dominique Görlitz attempted to cross the North Atlantic Ocean in a stone age sailboat, the Abora III. AVAILABLE FOR ONLINE SCREENING: ep 1 Norwegian version, ep 2 German version

It is one of the major unsolved mysteries of modern archaeology whether the American civilizations were subjected to any cultural influences from seafarers before Christopher Columbus’ arrival in 1492.

This movie tells the story of Dominique Görlitz, whose childhood vision was to solve this enigmatic question by means of challenging experiments. Therefore, he already built simple reed boats in his childhood in order to learn how to travel across the oceans on a Stone Age water craft. As he grew up in isolated East Germany, not many people believed this vision could ever become a reality.

Driven by an inquiring mind, curiosity and the quest for discoveries of ancient times, he embarked on a journey that took him thousands of years into the past.

Dominique Görlitz set forth into the world to measure up to the legacy of Thor Heyerdahl, the famous explorer and adventurer, with his own reed boat expeditions.

With his most ambitious project to date, ABORA III, he made the attempt to cross the North Atlantic Ocean – regarded as impossible to navigate – with a Stone Age sailboat. This expedition became one of the most thrilling adventures since Thor Heyerdahl crossed the South Atlantic Ocean. Not only did innumerable storms pose great challenges, but particularly following the Gulf Stream with its treacherous eddies towards Europe.

This film not only covers mysterious finds of tobacco and cocaine in Egyptian mummies, but also mysterious findings from the Lake Titicaca in Bolivia probably showing cuneiform inscriptions of the Sumerian-Babylonian civilization. Furthermore, astonishing navigation methods are presented, specifically the secret of astronavigation, leading the way across the oceans even without compass and GPS.

Come aboard for a 52-minute journey with Dominique Görlitz, and join him in his adventures leading to the origin of our civilization.

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