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The Nature Philosopher

Production year: 2010 | 1*29 | Genres: Nature
Origin country: Norway
Production company: NRK Norsk Rikskringkasting AS
Original title: Naturfilosofen
Original language: Norwegian
Formats: SD | I sound

Is the little brook behind the family home the way into the wonderland of nature? Norwegian nature philosopher Per Ingvar Haukeland asks himself many intriguing questions about the natural world.

Follow the brook, not the beaten track, he says. The brook that runs behind their house takes the Haukeland family into the very heart of nature.

We need to learn more about the landscape that surrounds us. Incorporating nature into our home makes us more deeply attached to it. Events of great significance may be taking place in our everyday environment.

We are all too often oblivious to the good things on our doorstep. Leaving them behind for a time makes it easier to appreciate them on our return home.

The nature philosopher doesn't merely go out in the countryside, he goes into it. He believes we are just as much a part of nature as is every other form of life. It is simply a matter of taking one's time, of keeping still and listening. The stillness of nature is not an absence of sound, but a living stillness.

Nature philosophy is all about wonderment at nature, and in this respect children are undoubtedly more responsive than adults, says Haukeland. We accompany him, his wife Frøydis and their two children, Isak (8) and Ingvil (7), on their search for the source of the brook behind their house.

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