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Maria - season 2

Production year: 2010 | 12*46 | Genres: Fiction
Origin country: Norway
Production company: Rubicon TV AS
Original title: Hvaler
Original language: Norwegian
Formats: HD | 16:9 | M&E

“Maria” is a prime time character-based TV-drama for all the family. Think Northern Exposure meets Skærgårdsdoktoren.

12 episodes of feel-good drama about Maria Blix, a psychiatrist who is an expert in everyone’s problems except her own! Maria, a woman in her mid-thirties, seeks one week’s respite on the island that she, as a child, regarded as paradise. She is exhausted, but will soon be returning home to the city to her work, her career and her boss, Philström. All the things she thinks she loves.

Everyone on the island can see that Maria needs help, she needs rest. It is almost frightening how Maria can read peoples inner thoughts and help solve their lifelong struggles.
Yet why is it that she cannot spare a thought for herself?
And why is she so intimidated when Mads, the island’s cheerful handyman, offers to help?

"Maria" is a drama about real people and the way they think. There’s Steffen, who lives his life barricaded by his mania for counting and tidying. You’ll meet Sinnadamen, the middle-aged woman who cycles around the island ranting and raving at everyone she meets. Then there’s Charlie, who could be one of the world’s greatest chefs if only he would get his act together and all the others – big and small- who encounter Maria. She helps them see that there is goodness in the world. Things can work out. It’s ok to trust in life. But when will Maria realize this herself? When will she understand that it is no coincidence that fate brought her back to the island? Will she return to the city or will she stay in this paradise by the sea? Will she discover the real world?

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