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Special Emergency Unit - season 1

Production year: 2010 | 10*43 | Genres: Reality
We follow 7 people within the fire brigade, ambulance and police department as they handle demanding work situations.
Origin country: Sweden
Production company: Titan Television AB
Original title: 112 - På liv och död, sesong 1
Original language: Swedish
Formats: SD

Join the Swedish Emergency Units- firefighters, ambulance drivers and the police force in their daily work. Here is a mix of strong emotions, excitement and quick decision-making, but also humor, warmth and the fight against the clock to save lives and prevent accidents. These are the true heroes of society. AVAILABLE FOR ONLINE SCREENING: EP 201 and 202 with English subtitles.

Fire station at Östermalm is the busiest in the whole of Sweden. Here, we meet Andreas who has been working as a firefighter for more than 10 years. Fighting the flames Andreas risks his own life to help people who are trapped in burning apartment buildings and is first on the scene as a bomb detonates in downtown Stockholm.

Fresh out of the academy, Linda has just started working as a police officer in Västerort. The station receives more alarms than any other district in Sweden and she is quickly adapting to life on the streets. he adrenaline is running high when Ammi and Jill are at work in the ambulance at Sabbatsbergs hospital. With 19 000 emergency calls last year, the pair battle the clock to save lives.

Instead of recreating the situations, the main characters are followed by cameramen, giving the 10-episode series a rough and “Cops”-like attitude.

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