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Street Skills Africa

Production year: 2010 | 20x3' | Genres: Lifestyle / Travel
Football Entertainment
Origin country: Germany
Production company: Filmhaus Wiesbaden FHW GmbH
Original title: Street Skills Africa
Formats: HD

Streetskills football trix from South Africa. Short stories with action.

Freestyle Football is a very young but quickly growing trend, which spreads like a wildfire all around the world. For years, there was only a small community practicing this sport emulating their idols like Maradona, Ronaldo, etc.

Little by little, the players developed their own tricks and moves and named them after their pseudonym. In the year 2001, the term “Freestyle Football” appeared first and the community started growing very quickly. By this reason, meanwhile new industries and several contests up to a world championship arose. The limit of the growth is not reached for a long time yet.

The mission of Street Skills Legend’s Tour is to accompany the world’s best freestylers around the world not only to show their awesome technical skills with the ball. The clips also show the environment of the freestyler community as well as lifestyle, spirit, creativity and attitude towards life of the players. For the freestylers and their fans all this belongs to the Freestyle Football like the tricks and the art of ball handling itself.

Kick-off of the Legend’s tour was Capetown (South Africa). Filmhaus Wiesbaden joined the top players “Palle” and “Nam the Man” during their tour through this fascinating and impressive city. Both have been freestylers from the hour of birth of this trend and they already won the most important contests. For many of the freestylers world-wide they are living legends like Tony Hawks for the skate boarders or Robby Naish for the surfers.


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