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Camp Bastion

Production year: 2010 | 6*25 | Genres: Current Affairs
We follow Danish Medicines to the battle field
Origin country: Denmark
Production company: TV2 Danmark A/S
Original title: Felthospitalet
Original language: Danish
Formats: SD

Through the Danish personnel at the field hospital we witness the tough everyday life in a war zone

For the first time ever Denmark has taken over responsibility for an international field hospital in a war zone, and TV 2 has gotten a unique opportunity to follow it closely. We have followed the 97 Danish doctors and nurses closely during three and a half months as they fight to save human lives in Afghanistan.

In ”Felthospitalet” we follow closely all the way as the Danish personnel leave their families and daily work to go to the world’s hot spot no. 1 – Afghanistan. We closely monitor Danish doctors and nurses and follow them in the autumn of 2009 during their joint mission at one of the world’s most intense casualty wards in Camp Bastion in the Helmand province. We experience the crew’s joy, sorrows and hopes in their encounter with the people whose lives they are doing everything to save.

The war in Afghanistan claims a lot of casualties and at the field hospital the Danish personnel fight to save as many of the casualties’ lives and limbs as possible. It is not an easy job because no other hospital in the world treats so many and so serious injuries as the field hospital in Camp Bastion.
And the Danes are in charge of the hospital during the busiest period in the history of the field hospital.

During the six episodes we meet among others nurse Sussie Feddersen as she anaesthetizes a deadly wounded Danish soldier, surgeon Claus Hansen who saves the leg of a nine-year-old Afghan girl, and doctor Peter ”PAC” Christensen who flies on the medical helicopter directly into the war zone to perform emergency first aid on soldiers and civilians.

Director: Katrine Kjær
Produced by: TV 2 DANMARK
TV 2 Editor: Rasmus Tantholdt
Distribution: Nordic World AS

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