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Plane crash in the Arctic Sea

Production year: 2009 | 1*42 | Genres: Lifestyle / Travel
Plane crash in the Arctic Sea
Origin country: Denmark
Production company: TV2 Danmark A/S
Original title: Flystyrt i Isen
Original language: Danish
Formats: SD

WINNER OF GRAND PRIX CIRCOM 2010 45-year-old Troels Hansen survived 18 hours’ fight for his life on an ice floe.

One year ago, a small two-engine propeller aircraft crashed in the North Atlantic. Onboard were 45-year-old Troels Hansen and Oliver, his friend, fighting for their lives for 18 hours on an ice floe before being miraculously rescued by a Danish shrimp trawler.

The story of one of the most incredible crashes of Danish air history is told in “Crashed in The Arctic Sea”, where Troels Hansen relives the nightmare of his life.

Since he was a boy, Troels Hansen has dreamt of crossing the Atlantic by aircraft. Martina, his Swedish wife, is worried when he decides to act out his dream. Together they have two girls of eight and ten years. She tries to talk him out of it. But Troels is determined to carry through the flight, which is to go via Canada, across the Greenland ice cap and home via Iceland.

Crash in The Arctic Sea
Troels is a capable pilot. He is an air captain and a trained flight mechanic. However, it is a risky trip, and once the small aircraft is above The Arctic Sea and the darkness has descended, things go wrong. First one engine cuts out, and then the other. And the two men crash into the sea.
By an incredible stroke of luck they survive and manage to pull themselves on to an ice floe. And now begins the struggle to stay alive at up to minus 40 degrees C and survive the disappointment of seeing rescue helicopters fly right past them - and not spot them.

Something is utterly wrong
Back home, Martina feels something is wrong when Troels does not answer his phone. After many hours of searching, the rescue teams of the authorities have given up hope of finding the two men alive. And the next morning the police have to deliver the sad news to Martina that her husband has perished. The two girls are told that their father has died. The family is struck by tragedy.

More than 300 km from the place where Troels Hansen and his friend Oliver crashed, the Bornholm shrimp trawler "Atlantic Enterprise" happens to be sailing the waters. The trawler is 18 hour’ sail from the crash site. And though it seems hopeless to find the two men alive, the Danish skipper decides to head for the area.

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