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Mothers of War

Production year: 2009 | 1x56' | Genres: Current Affairs
In “Mothers of War” we follow the lives of three women after the genocide in Rwanda of 1994
Origin country: Sweden
Production company: Documentary Group
Original title: Mothers of War

When Marianna was 8 years old she lost her mother in the genocide. She was adopted by her cousin Beata but soon lost her to AIDS. Today, after years of trauma and sorrow, she has become a mother herself. She wants to give Jovial the happy childhood that she, herself, was without.

But life is not easy for genocide survivours. Marianna lives in a poor area without water and electricity. Her third mother Bernadette tries to manage by having a bar in their home. The guests sometime become disturbing and Jovial is afraid when the men court Marianna. But Bernadette has a plan for how their situation can improve.
“Mothers of War” focuses on how war and the effects of war hit women and men different. Because of gender roles in a society women and men handle trauma different. The memory of their mothers brutal death still haunt Marianna and Bernadette but the joy the children give them help them to move on with their lives.

The filmteam, Maria and Peter Rinaldo has filmed Marianna, Bernadette and Beata during 15 years filled with grief, violence and trauma but also hard work, friendship and love. “Mothers of War” is their forth film about the genocide in Rwanda

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