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The Miracle

Production year: 2009 | 1x44' | Genres: Lifestyle / Travel
The Miracle is the story of Magne Skaden from the North of Norway. As a …
Origin country: Norway
Production company: Moment TV AS
Original title: Miraklet i Markebygda

The Miracle is the story of Magne Skaden from the North of Norway. As a young boy, he was diagnosed as mentally retarded. The doctors told his parents to just keep him at home.

Magne grew up mostly sitting on the sofa, just staring into the air. The years went by, but his family always had a feeling that he understood more than the doctors said.


When Magne turns 27, the family hears about a brain institute in the USA. They decide to take him there. The American doctors examine him and conclude that he is sharp and understands, but that a damage in his mid-brain has prevented him from expressing himself. They believe Magne can learn to walk, write and talk. But he will have to follow their special program and train about 10 hours every day.


Back in their little town in the North of Norway, the inhabitants form a support group. Every day, two teams of five people visit Magne to take him through all the exercises. The parents quit their jobs to devote all their time to their son. They get up at 5 o’clock in the morning to prepare the day.


After months of training, incredible things start to happen... Life will never be the same again, neither for Magne, his family or all the other inhabitants in the little village.


The film is made by the award-winning director Mona Friis Bertheussen. Her previous film "Welcome to Norway" received two awards, both "Best Norwegian Documentary" at the Norwegian Documentary Filmfestival, and the "Human Rights Prize for Film" from the Ministry of Culture.

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