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Sweet Swan Of Avon

Production year: 2009 | 4x53' | Genres: Current Affairs
ROBERT CRUMPTON'S SHAKESPEARE Two sides of the Shakespeare Authorship d …
Origin country: Norway
Production company: Videomaker AS
Original title: Robert Crumton's Shakespeare
Formats: HD

ROBERT CRUMPTON'S SHAKESPEARE Two sides of the Shakespeare Authorship debate embodied by two very different characters.


This is the film about the organist Petter Amundsen, who believes that he can prove that Francis Bacon and not William Shakespeare wrote the greatest plays and sonnets in the English Language.  The story will be told by a young ambitious actor and academic Robert Crumpton who in turn is a staunch Stratfordian. Crumpton travels to Norway to confront Petter and together they embark on an extraordinary voyage of discovery.  .

Robert Crumpton’s Shakespeare will be the definitive account of the centuries old debate – did Shakespeare write Shakespeare? In examining both the lives of William Shakespeare and Francis Bacon it will delve into an exciting and dangerous period in our history.  Juxtaposing the historical story and driving the narrative forward are the two compelling characters of Petter and Crumpton – their journey into the past becomes for both men a personal odyssey.

As they travel around the UK in search of the truth their opposing viewpoints form the basis of an unlikely friendship. Despite vehemently disagreeing with one-another’s arguments they are forced to respect the other’s scholarship –but which one will finally  be convinced that everything they’ve build their reputation on is false; and could history be changed forever?

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