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The Road Home

Production year: 2009 | 3*44 or 1*103 | Genres: Factual/Doc, Series
In March 2008 two kids were brutally murdered in there home in Arboga in Sweden. They were only one and three years old.
Origin country: Sweden
Production company: TV4 AB
Original title: Vägen Hem
Original language: Swedish
Formats: HD | M&E

A young woman is driving alone along a dark, lonely road in the middle of the night in the idyllic Swedish countryside. Beside her on the passenger seat is a gun. Her head is filled with only one thought – she must kill two people. This is what God wants.

”The Road Home” is a dramadocu of the events that dominated the tabloids and captivated the imagination of the Swedish people for months. It follows the events in the little village of Knutby where the small congregation, Knutby Filadelfia, is lead by Pastor Helge Fossmo. After the pastor’s wife is fatally shot and another parishioner seriously injured, suspicion of foul play from a member of the church leads to the pastor being implicated and the incident draws the attention of the media. The consequent scandal places a terrible burden on the members of Knutby Filadelfia who find themselves having to reconcile the events against their faith in Helge Fossmo.

This compelling film is interspersed with authentic interviews with the main characters of the story: the pastor, the woman that the tabloids referred to as the “Christ bride”, Åsa Waldau, and members and former members of the congregation who relate how they felt about the incident. We also get to hear parts of the police interrogation of Helge Fossmo’s lover, Sara Svensson whose confession leads to him being implicated in instigating the murder of his second wife, Alexandra.

In “The Road Home” we gain insight into how blind obedience and unquestioned control and manipulation lead to the tragedy of Sara Svensson committing murder in God’s name.

This riveting and frightening dramatization of the events in Knutby is filled with intrigue and leaves no viewer unmoved.

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