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The Fairy Tale Princess

Production year: 2009 | 1*45' | Genres: Royal
Fairy-tales from the Heart of the Earth
Origin country: Norway
Production company: TV-Inter AS
Original title: Eventyrprinsessen
Original language: Norwegian
Formats: M&E

The Norwegian Princess Märtha Louise has been passionate about fairytales ever since she was a young child. For the past two years, Monica Øien has been following the princess through the process of publishing her book, “Tales from the Heart of the Earth”. What are the fairytales about? Where do they come from? What are they trying to tell us? And what similarities are there in the fairytales from the different sides of the borders? The Princess has travelled for years as a professional story-teller telling tales throughout Norway.

The documentary, “The Fairy Tale Princess” follows the Princess over the course of two years where Monica Øien has focused on the Princess’ involvement in fairytales. Monica and the tv-crew follow the Princess on her UNICEF sponsored travels to Madagascar, where the goal was to get funding for a program whose goal is to teach children to read and write, as well as her story-telling in Norway, and enthusiasm for the project.

“The documentary is a portrait of myself and my relationship to these fairytales. Furthermore, I would like to show why I dedicated four years of my life to a project encompassing fairytales from all over the world, the journey and all of its ups and downs. “ says Princess Märtha Louise.

First and foremost this is a heart warming program showing a modern woman, strong and committed to her cause, sharing her ideas and thoughts about the part fairytales play in peoples’ lives.

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