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Sarajevo Ricochet / A Town Betrayed

Production year: 2009 | 2x52 | Genres: Current Affairs
Balkan war
Origin country: Norway
Production company: Fenris AS
Original title: Sarajevo Ricochet
Original language: Norwegian
Formats: HD | 16:9

This two-part documentary reveals how al-Qaeda used Bosnia as a training-ground, money-laundering centre and forward operating base during the brutal civil war of 1992-95. The veterans went on to attack New York, Washington DC, London, Madrid, Mombasa and Bali. The story also reveals how the people of Srebrenica were betrayed by the Sarajevo government in advance of the massacres of July 1995.


This is the untold story of how the USA allowed Bosnia to cooperate with al-Qaeda, smuggle arms from Iran and launder terror-money during the brutal civil war from 1992 - 95. Osama bin Laden exploited the conflict for his global jihad - and the 9/11 attack on the Twin Towers. It reveals a secret money trail that funded mujihadeen training camps. Co-operation of USA and Iran let Osama bin Laden recruit, import and finance 4.000 mujihadeen fighters into the heart of Europe and Bosnia Herzegovina. In 1996, many of these `holy warriors` moved on to fight in Kosovo, and some became al-Qaeda sponsored terrorists who attacked targets throughout the Western world - including the 9/11 assault on America.

This documentary exposes the callous betrayal of the massacred men of Srebrenica - how they were sacrificed by their own government for a political objective. The widows, mothers and sisters of the men and boys who died near Srebrenica will never let the world forget the events of July 1995. The Serbs pulled the trigger, but the reasons for their brutal action has not been investigated. Now Bosnian Muslims themselves expose what really happened before, during and after what is been called `the European genocide of our time`. The Bosnian Muslim government was negotiating with the Serbs to exchange territory - Srebrenica for the suburbs of Sarajevo.

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