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Selik and Katrine

Production year: 1995 | 5x92' or 25' | Genres: Children
A charming sequel to the highly acclaimed family series, SUMMER WITH SELIK.
Origin country: Norway
Production company: Bergefilm - Trygve Berge
Original title: Selik og Katrine

Katrine, a 20-year-old Norwegian girl returns to the holiday island Teistklubben, where a year earlier she had become surrogate mother to an abandoned seal pup called Selik, teaching him to feed himself before returning him to the ocean.

Katrine’s interest in seals and wildlife led to the local marine institute offering her a summer job. While collecting marine samples with Simon, 10, and Mats, 6, the young boys from next door, she sees Selik close inshore - and realises that he is living among the inner skerries close to her holiday island. Later, she hears that Selik has been raiding the fishermen’s lobster pots and is concerned lest he be shot by hunters - for this is the hunting season and Selik, now a fully frown adult seal, should be far out to sea...

Curious as ever, Selik revisits the house and garden at Teistklubben, as if recalling the first three months of his life there. For a while, Katrine and the two boys are amused by the seal’s antics - but Katrine is aware that the situation cannot continue. She resolves to return Selik to the outer skerries eight miles offshore. To do that, she must first study the big seal colonies there - and assess whether the other seals will accept Selik.


This sequel to SUMMER WITH SELIK is thus educational, with superb diving sequences in the clearest waters in Northern Europe.


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