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Breaking the Wall of Silence

Production year: 2008 | 1x51' | Genres: Current Affairs
Behind the scenes of the Tibetan struggle
Origin country: Norway
Production company: Mpower Foundation DA
Original title: Breaking the Wall of Silence
Original language: English
Formats: M&E

Breaking the Wall of Silence is a documentary that portrays the courageous struggle of a peaceful, vulnerable culture against domination by an aggressive neighbour – a story of personal sacrifice and spiritual fortitude. Breaking the Wall of Silence will take you behind the scenes of the Tibetan struggle. It will present monks and nuns willing to risk their lives in trying to march across the Himalayas back home to Tibet. It will also portray icons such as the Dalai Lama and the writer Tsering Woeser.

And it all starts with the Voice of Tibet, a small Radio Station trying to broadcast free and independent news into Tibet. China is doing everything possible to stop it.  The editor-in-chief, Øystein Alme, has fought a long and lonely struggle against Chinese Authorities. For 12 years the Chinese have tried to block and jam news and information from the Voice of Tibet.

The Tibetan people suffer, because politicians and leaders of the Western World are not mature enough to confront China on their continuous violation of human rights in Tibet,” – says Øystein Alme.

Unique interviews and coverage of unfolding events:

The making of this film presented many challenges. People were reluctant to participate in interviews for fear of reprisals by the Chinese government. The members of the film crew themselves were at personal risk and faced arrests and assaults both in China and in India while making the film.

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