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Walk the Dog

Production year: 2008 | 1x52' | Genres: Lifestyle / Travel
a DOGumentary from Brentwork Dogpark
Origin country: Norway
Production company: Winther Productions
Original title: Walk the Dog

“Dog business” is the one of the fastest growing businesses in the USA. In 2008, Americans will spend up to 30 billions dollars on their pets.

Dogs can often treated better than humans, and in Los Angeles the well-being of celebrity dogs is of utmost importance. So come that “dog walking” is becoming the new trend of the town that is home to more than 10 million dogs.


Brentwood Dogpark is located in one of the most prestigious areas of Los Angeles. Every day at 1.30 pm the dog walkers gather here with their clients – the dogs of the rich and famous. They are of different ages, and have various backgrounds and takes of life; some walk dogs to earn money to pursue their dream of fame and fortune, while others have left successful careers for simpler lives as dog walkers.


In “Walk the Dog” we meet a handful of dog walkers and dog owners:

Melinda dreams of a career as a songwriter and singer, but makes a living as a dog walker for artists and music producers in Hollywood
Gabriel was previously a photographer, but decided to dedicate his life to unprivileged dogs with a difficult start in life. Gabriel’s first client was Conan – the King of the Park – a great dane.
The eccentric Italian film producer Simona is the owner of Conan, and she has high ambitions for her “son”: she believes Conan will become the new “Lassie”
Shami, very Christian and still a virgin, trained and worked as a teacher. She lives home with her mother who does not understand why Shami prefers dog walking to teaching.
Ex-nanny Mary is the older dog walker. Living with 8 cats, she is a dog walker who dreams about finding “Mr Right” – hopefully in the dog park.
Boas, an Israeli diamond dealer and wanna-be-paparazzi, enjoys hanging out with the dog walkers in the park.

In this dogumentary, we get an insight into the lives and minds of the dog walkers – their hopes and dreams, their ups and downs. It looks at the relationship between dogs and their walkers and owners, and it shows what important part a dog can play in the life of humans. This program thus gives an insight into the emotional reasons why dog walking is a fast-growing business spreading around the world.


In Los Angeles, a good dog walker might earn more than £100.000 a year. The dog walkers of Brentwood Park live in one of the richest areas of the world and walk the dogs of Hollywood celebrities. But in the park, the dogs are just dogs. “Walk the Dog” takes you behind the scene in the city of dreams – meet the dogwalkers of Brentwood Park!


52 minutes / SD

Directed and Produced by Gry Winther

Winther Productions © 2008


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