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Sold For Nothing

Production year: 2007 | 1*42 | Genres: Lifestyle / Travel
Thai Women Held as Sex Slaves in Europe
Origin country: Denmark
Production company: TV2 Danmark A/S
Original title: Fanget som luder
Original language: Danish
Formats: SD

The story of two Thai women who lived in a wretched basement where they were forced to work as prostitutes until they managed to escape.

We found the two women back in Thailand where they are taking the traffickers to court. Now the two women, Ann and Am, have agreed to travel back to Europe to tell their horrifying story. It is also a psychological journey back to their many traumatic experiences. “It was a living hell” Am says as she's taken back to one of the places where she worked. The places are slummy and filthy and they worked around the clock with no time to rest. If a customer rang the bell in the middle of the night Am had to get up and attend to him. Both women are prime examples of how young women are lured into going to Europe not knowing they’ll end up working as prostitutes. Both Ann and Am were students and had jobs in Thailand, but were promised good jobs and high salaries if they would travel to Europe. Prostitution and trafficking in women is everywhere. Hundred of thousands women are trapped into prostitution and many of them live under slave-like conditions. There is a lot of money and many human lives at stake. It’s estimated that there is now more money in prostitution than in drugs and it’s a rapidly growing market since Eastern Europe opened its gates to the rest of the world. Sold for Nothing is not only the story of Ann and Am but also the story of the thousands of women trapped in basements and murkyback alleys all over Europe where this business is taking place.

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