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Farmers Market in Symphony

Production year: 2007 | 2*59 or 1*29 | Genres: Music
The Speed Balkan Boogie Experience.
Origin country: Norway
Production company: NRK Norsk Rikskringkasting AS
Original language: Norwegian
Formats: SD

The Speed Balkan Boogie Experience.

The band Farmers Market was formed in Trondheim in 1991. All members where students of the Jazz Department at the Conservatory of Trondheim. The music of Farmers Market is a mixture of Bulgarian folk music, jazz standards, popular music and humour. Farmers Market has become one of Norway’s most popular live bands, playing at all kinds of venues and festivals: jazz, folk and rock.

When Farmers Market joined forces with the Norwegian Broadcasting Corporation Orchestra at a sell-out concert in Oslo, they sent the audience wild. Balkan music has never been more popular than at present and Farmers Market interprets it in their own inimitable speed-boogie style. The group's performance, a whirlwind mix of gypsy melodies, syrupy songs, classical music and rhythmic Indian rhymes, scorched its way into the hearts and minds of all who heard it. 

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