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Children of Darfur

Production year: 2006 | 1x24' | Genres: Current Affairs
Children of Darfur
Origin country: Denmark
Production company: Third Eye Productions
Original title: Children of Darfur
Original language: Arabic
Formats: HD | SD

Today Darfur is facing, what the United Nations describes as “the world’s worst humanitarian crisis.” Marauding bands of nomadic Janjaweed militia, at odds with the land-owning farmers of the region, have wrecked havoc across Darfur, burning villages, killing men and raping women. The worst affected by the crisis are Darfur’s children.

Not only do they represent 50% of the displaced people of the region, now forced to live in ill-equipped refugee camps, many of them have witnessed the murder of family members, including parents. This arresting film shows the largely ignored conflict through the eyes of 15 year old Sumaya, who makes her home with her siblings in a displacement camp in the desert. She openly speaks of the lack of medicine, food, water and shelter that are part of her daily existence, as well as the unsettling fact that even in the camp she is not safe. Soldiers prey on women who leave the camp to collect firewood, but many of them have no other choice if they want to feed their families. Yet Sumaya still finds the time to help out at a center for traumatized children who like her had to escape the Janjaweed attack on her village on foot. Filmmaker Camille Nielsson’s grounded approach takes viewers beyond the fast paced typical news story and gives the children at the center of this devastating war a chance to speak.

CPH:DOX, Copenhagen 2007
Docosur Festival, Spain 2007, Best Documentary Short Film Award
Chicago International Documentary Festival, USA 2007
Amnesty International Film Festival, Vancouver 2007
Grand Prix at the Monte Carlo TV-Festival 2006
TV3 International Actual Award, Spain 2006
Open Frame, New Delhi 2006



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