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Marcus and The Eagle

Production year: 2006 | 3x52' or 26' | Genres: Children
Marcus is a young boy fighting for an endangered species of eagles - a b …
Origin country: Norway
Production company: BasicTV
Original title: Marcus og Ørnen

Marcus is a young boy fighting for an endangered species of eagles - a battle that puts him up against criminals, the modern civilization’s threat on the environment and the indifference of his fellow villagers

Twelve year old Marcus finds a dead eagle in the vicinity of a windmill. What killed the eagle? Is there now an unprotected nest close by - an easy target for criminals out to help themselves to eggs or young eagles to sell for huge sums on the European black market? Marcus starts his own expedition searching for answers. With the help of his friends he secretly keeps "his" eagle nest under surveillance, and is subsequently launched into a mysterious and dangerous journey.

Marcus and his friends establish their own website devoted to White Tailed Eagles, and through it, they get in contact with other young wildlife defenders around Europe. Marcus has to relate to a community that willingly sacrifices natural resources in order to bring new jobs and large revenues to the remote coastal area. He is torn between his loyalty to his father, his soccer team and his newfound engagement for the endangered White Tailed Eagle. This dramatic two part mini series for children brings magnificent wildlife footage to its audience, both on TV and on the internet, as Marcus' interactive website ( will be for the benefit of the young viewers.


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