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Cold Peace

Production year: 2008 | 1x24' | Genres: Current Affairs
30.000 feet above the icy waters of the North-Atlantic, a dangerous stan …
Origin country: Norway
Production company: TV2 AS (Norway)
Original title: Kald Fred

30.000 feet above the icy waters of the North-Atlantic, a dangerous stand-off is unfolding.

Since spring 2007, Russia has renewed the maritime patrolling of its Strategic Long-Range Air Force, sometimes buzzing the borders of its northern neighbours with virtual armadas of bombers, several times a week. Officially, Russia claims that the flights are “a normal” activity, with the only goal of training its air crews. In reality, claim experts, they are demonstrating to the NATO neighbours the ability to conduct strategic nuclear strikes. Occasionally the bombers have been used to convey harsh political messages from the Kremlin. Such as during the meeting of NATO’s defence ministers in Noordwijk, the Netherlands in October 2007, when two Russian TU-160 supersonic bombers simulated a nuclear strike on that city.

 Routinely NATO fighters are scrambled from the northern air base Bodø whenever the Russian approach the borders of Norway.

In the documentary “Cold Peace” we have portrayed two pilots from two different countries that meet regularly for these chilling mid-air rendevouz; Norwegian fighter pilot Bjorn and Russian bomber pilot Gennady. Includes exclusive footage from the secretive air base Engels-1 in Southern Russia, and rare shots from real interception missions.

Voice Over. Norwegian

English subtitles


Director: Øystein Bogen



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